The objectives of our IQCT-(Innovative & Quality circle team) are many-fold and it is important to understand what our staff are trying to achieve beyond just continual improvement in the quality of work output. This is reflected in some of the softer skills that are required in establishing and running IQCT.

Our IQCT is Multi-faceted but predominantly points towards a change in attitude from “I don’t care” to “I do care” through the continuous improvement in Quality of work life through the humanization of work.

The Department of IQCT holds responsibility for overseeing the entire development process, creating new programs within and outside the organization, from the initial planning , implementation and succeeding…..

IQCT aims to develops solutions to achieve a goal related to education or learning, such as improving student engagement or mastery of a set of skills.The Efficacy, Effectiveness, and Finding out ‘what happens’ and ‘what works’ in the school is the momentous job of this Department.

IQCT strives in bringing out the ‘hidden potential’ of people where people get to learn skills not normally associated with their day-to-day operational activities such as leadership, critical thinking, analysis and problem-solving,skill enhancement,Pedagogical upgradation , entertainment, hobby and recreation.

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