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I feel honoured as you have chosen Aurobana Indian School to assist you in the formal education of your child. We strive to provide a rigorous academic environment in a positive setting where each student can discover their own unique talents and develop them to their potential.

Aurobana Indian School is a happy and vibrant school which will do it best and cares for all children enthusiastically and wholeheartedly. We set the highest aspiration for every child and place great value upon celebrating both individual achievement and personal development as children learn and grow with us.

“Education is to enlighten life. Education moulds the personality of the individual in terms of knowledge, attitude, character skill and the total value system”. This is exactly what the motto of our school conveys. It connotes the need for all.

SAM Schools has been a visionary educational institution ever since its humble beginning in 1996. Our mission is to offer an all-round education to the youth with critical leadership skills through carefully selected educational programmes and allow our students an opportunity to achieve their highest potential.

From the time the student steps into SAM schools , it becomes our responsibility to ensure that his journey is wholesome, challenging and relevant. To this end, our efforts have been channelled in providing the most effective education for those in our care. Our desire is not only to make our children achieve academically but also in the skills of music, fine arts and co – curricular activities. With the world shrinking yet increasing in global connections, it becomes imperative that our children are international minded and conscious of their environment.

With our state-of-the-art campus due for completion, we are determined to lead the region in education for 21st century learning. I take great pleasure in inviting you to join us, as we continue to nurture individuals who are more than able to carve successful paths for themselves in the world of today.

I welcome you to Aurobana Indian School and at the same time thank you for entrusting your child with us. My door is open to you always as we join hands in pursuing excellence in education. Thank you and let us embrace the true spirit of our School..... ahead....

Our Management



Success is a term that is widely used today. Success has different connotations for different people. It might mean money to one and fame to another. Gandhiji, in his talisman for what is right and wrong, says that the test for any action whether it is good or bad lies in how it affects the society. Anything that alleviates suffering and elevates the society is good. As an educationist, I feel that the greatest contribution one can make to one’s society is to prepare the citizens of tomorrow to be honest, upright visionaries.

Successful men are the ones who make a mark in this world and make an impact on the society. Success, however, does not come in one day. It takes a sound value-based education, a clear mission and a far-reaching vision.

A school is a means to an end. It does not aim at marks alone. There is a broader aim which encompasses a variety of elements from the physical, mental and emotional aspects to the spiritual and cultural development.

In educational endeavour, one can never sit back and think that one has achieved perfection because, with contentment comes stagnation. We constantly strive for higher goals through great leaps. The incentive, the drive, the motivation is constantly there to reach the next step in the quest for perfection.

Togetherness lies at the heart of what we do. Pupils, parents and staff work in unity to provide a warm and friendly place where everybody can contribute and feel recognised. The opportunities to grow and to develop is innumerable in count, at SAM schools.

As the Director of Sri Aurobindo Mira Schools, I have the responsibilities of management, academics and the good fortune of nurturing the future of children. I am overwhelmed with the role I have to play for crafting a better society. With the school's state of the art infrastructure and sincere staff, I am more than confident that SAM schools will not only produce scholars but responsible and culturally awakened citizens, on whose able shoulders will rest the edifice of a strong, united and progressive India.

Our Management



Since the blossoming of our first school Sri Aurobindo Mira Matriculation School , then ,Sri Aurobindo Mira Universal CBSE school and now Aurobana Indian School (ICSE), we are happy that , we have impacted many students' lives, and setting a new benchmark for quality of education. Along with academic excellence, we also lay a strong emphasis on personality development and employ a number of innovative ways to inculcate strong values, building responsible individuals and future-ready global citizens. We believe that all students have tremendous innate abilities that should be brought forth in an inclusive manner. In keeping with this philosophy , we admit students , with a wide array of challenges.

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