Sri Aurobindo & Mother Mira

Sri Aurobindo and Mother Mira have advocated a new way of life - a turning point for the thinking minds. True education should not stop with acquisition of knowledge, it should involve transformation of minds and thoughts. It should be a process of cultivating the four aspects of life - love, beauty, power and knowledge. To bring out the real man in oneself should be the primary function of education. This education should be spiritual in nature that dispels the darkness of the soul and enhances the nobility in each individual. The Mother proposed a philosophy of Integral education which involves a progressive system which is guided by the soul. This progression is not subject to ideas or habits and does not depend on preconceived ideas. These words have highly impacted us and hence the name SRI AUROBINDA MIRA. True knowledge is not attained by thinking , it is what you are, what you become. - Sri Aurobindo

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